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Leather Sofas and Leather settes in all styles and colours

From large families to young professionals, leather sofas are fast becoming a popular option amongst many people, as they offer both practicality and durability. Our range of stylish leather sofas have been designed for each of our customers diverse tastes in décor. With a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, Warehouse Prestwich has a leather sofa to fit in to any modern or traditional home.

So indulge yourself and cuddle up in the comfort and softness of a leather sofa from the luxurious leather sofa collection at Warehouse Prestwich. Our designers have created a superior range of living room furniture from leather sofa recliners to one, two and three seater leather sofas.

With all furniture, but especially when choosing a leather sofa, it is important to buy quality products so they will last a long time. Here at Warehouse Prestwich in Lancashire we stock high-quality pieces that you can rest assured will last and last. You can extend the life of your leather furniture further with just a little elbow grease and time. Purchasing leather cleaner to polish your sofa regularly can help you get the most life possible out of these pieces.

Leather is not just black and brown any more; our designers are creating pieces in many different colour options which means no matter what your design vision is, you can find a leather couch that will fit your needs.

A strikingly beautiful leather couch often serves as a centrepiece for a living room. If you are unsure about exactly what you are looking for in terms of leather sofas, you may want to pay us a visit. Here are Warehouse Prestiwch we deliver anwhere in the UK but if you are looking for leather sofas in Manchester we would give you a warm welcome at our showroom in Prestwich. You would have the opportunity to see some of the many different designs and configurations in person, giving you a better idea of what it is you may want. However, if you find it hard to get into the showroom, you can view many of our most popular options online.

Warehouse Prestwich prides itself on offering more than just great products. We understand that for our clients value for money is key and for this reason our prices are hard to beat.

Finally, we aim to provide high quality customer service to every customer we deal with, both online and in person. Check out our selection and get started choosing a leather sofa that will serve the needs of you and your family for years to come.