Whether you're looking for a way to save space, or you just want to treat your kids to a cool new bed, there are a huge amount of benefits that come with purchasing a bunk bed. 

You might currently be unsure of whether or not to get bunk beds in Manchester, there are pros and cons but here at Warehouse Prestwich, we fully believe the pros outweighs the cons. If you're looking for some convincing, then keep reading! 

Bunk beds in Manchester 

Sometimes it can difficult having two children sharing a room, they may feel like they don't have their own personal space. But bunk beds help that in two separate ways. They allow you to have more space available in the actual bedroom. You're not taking up double the room like you would having two single beds which means more room for toys and play time.

It also means they can add a little bit of personality to their own bunk. Choosing bedding, linen and even maybe sticking their own pictures and posters on their side of the wall. 

A big part of childhood is bring friends around and have sleepovers. Of course sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag with some extra blankets does the job. But letting them stay on a bunk bed is a lot more comfortable and they're still able to chat the night away. 

You can also buy bunk beds that are actually detachable. Which means once the kids have grown up a little bit and maybe the novelty of having bunk beds has worn off, you'll be able to detach them and have two fully functioning single beds. 

Beds Manchester

If you think bunk beds would work in your home, then why not click here to take a look at the range of bunk beds we have in stock. We're sure to have something to suit all ages, styles and budgets!