As important as comfort is when it comes to your bed and mattress, your mattress also needs to be supportive for your body and joints as well as ensuring your sleeping pattern is healthy. Within this blog, we're going to talk through the positives and negatives of two very popular mattress types, foam and pocket sprung. You'll then be able to compare the two and find out which mattress suits your sleeping needs! 

Memory Foam Mattresses in Manchester 

Memory foam is a man made material that was actually invented to be used in airplane seats, they then found use in hospitals as the foam can provide extra spinal support. Eventually they then trickled down to the mass market and was commonly used in mattresses and pillows. It works in a mattress as it is heat sensitive, that means if you live in a cooler environment or you struggle to keep warm then the mattress can help. It's also hypoallergenic whilst being incredibly supportive. It's supportive due to the denseness of the material which also makes it longer lasting compared to other mattress materials. 

However, on the opposite side, if you live in a warm climate or you're naturally a warmer bodied person then you may want to look for a different style of mattress. Since you also end up sinking into the memory foam slightly, if you're someone who tosses and turns you may struggle to get a comfortable and good night's sleep. 

Pocket Sprung Mattresses in Manchester 

A pocket sprung mattress is an upgraded version of the spring mattress. Each spring is uncased individually in order to provide more comfort and more support. 

If you're looking for a mattress that has some bounce to it and you want to feel like you're lying on top of it rather than sinking in, then the pocket sprung is for you. You also have more of a choice when it comes to pocket sprung mattresses, you can choose from anything ranging in 1000 springs, 1200 springs, 1800 springs etc, whatever feels the most comfortable to you! 

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